Marketing to Millenials: 3 Top-Tips from the Horse’s Mouth

Let’s face it, as much as members of our families perpetually strive to gain an understanding of our generation regarding what we think, say and do, it just cannot be envisioned that simply. These are the people we’ve shared most of our lives with, so if they don’t understand what makes us tick, how can a stranger in a marketing agency? This is a guide on how to not be that stranger, to learn about us and most of all, how to market to millennials.


I know whilst reading this point, visions of your director bringing a P45 to your desk as a result of the very thought of the idea are racing around your head, but in these times of austerity discounts play a pivotal role in where we shop. Take ASOS for example. I have lost track of the number of times I have chosen ASOS over a competitor just because of a discount code sent to me or its conjuncture with NUS (The National Union for Students). So, in short, to get our business, think of our budgets, not yours.


This one needs only few words. When advertising to us, don’t annoy us. With YouTube adverts swarming our screens prior to watching the latest cat clips, a delay and interruption to such feline-funnies is only going to stimulate resentment towards your brand. Advertise when we can take notice, advertise when we are not doing anything else other than sat on the bus going to campus. So, in short, when marketing to millennials, don’t annoy us and make a rod for your own back!


With reputation and the need to retain appearances a facet and increasingly important factor of all young people’s lives, creating a ‘personality’ and lifestyle we can buy into is integral. We don’t just buy products because of their functionality, we buy them due to their role in saying something about who we are as individuals. Loafers aren’t the comfiest shoes, but if you want to be seen as a meticulous-about-fashion, classy man then you better make sure you own a pair. Calvin Klein underwear won’t win any awards for the quality of its cotton, but owning a pair or several in a fashion-conscious, millennial society certainly makes a statement about the person you are. So, in short, create yourselves as the person we want to be seen as, not as the geeky creator who promises x, y and z from your new product.

These sit at the tip of a very big millennial iceberg, but starting with the points covered here will leave you feeling like a Starbucks is a must, it’s time to take a selfie and that your trousers dropped 3 inches lower.

Jack Goss


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