Black Friday: The Revelation of a Greedy Nation

With 5579 kilometres separating us from our trans-Atlantic cousins, one would think the polite and courteous mannerisms providing the foundations to our nation would be intact. However, as the lines between British and American culture become increasingly blurred, the transfer of fads such as ‘Black Friday’, in which society mimics the cut-throat, brutality of the animal kingdom, show no sign of slowing.

‘Black Friday’- a stark portrayal of the Western world’s lust for consumption- not only personifies the greed we as a society maintain despite an era of austerity, but also shows the slipping of an ‘all you need is family’ mask we perpetually continue to hold to our faces.

Whether through images of men grappling over the consequential possession of a new, superfluous television or women scrapping over a £10 reduction, ‘Black Friday’ summates the consumerist culture our society clings on to and stands as a novel tradition none of us should take pride in participating in.

So as your seduction by ‘Black Friday’s’ advertising drags you ever closer to the shop window, re-evaluate your perceived need for product x and think once more about the characteristics our society bestows upon us.

Jack Goss


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