Book Critique: A Lot Like Eating Your Vegetables

Whenever my family are sat at the dinner table, my Mum always ensures my 8 year old sister eats her vegetables. It is here that every hopeful lift of the fork to the reluctant mouth of my sister warrants the same response from her “I don’t like them!”, all before moving her head every which way to avoid the dreaded forkful of broccoli. Despite this and without fail, my Mum would continue to repeat the same response we’ve all heard for generations “But they’re good for you.”

You’re probably wondering where this is going. Bare with me.

This week I have sent my portfolio to several people in the industry and have had to grin and bear the constructive, yet “brutal” responses (as one person called it), that comes with having your work critiqued. From tweaking concepts to removing entire chunks of work that’s seen hours worth of ‘Photoshopping’, I have really faced the firing squad…and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

As someone on a near-barren Advertising course in terms of ‘creative’, it is only by doing this that my work will keep improving and eventually stand shoulder-to-shoulder with London and New York’s creative ‘elite’.

And it is here I realised that book critiques are a lot like eating your vegetables: they may be horrible and hard to swallow, but there’s no doubt they’re doing you good on the inside.

So for now, it’s time to stop pushing the fork away and go through the pain of a few more Brussel sprouts.



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