Why You Should Always Talk To Strangers

If you approach someone you aren’t acquainted with back home, it is most likely you’ll be greeted with a poorly-executed profanity, aggressive physical contact or, failing that, a bemused look of disgust. Oh Swindon, let me count the ways…

However, last night me and a fellow housemate decided to halt all ‘hermit-esque’ behaviour and go and meet the neighbours. After knocking on all the houses we felt held the aura of ill-behaved, not-so-house-proud students, we had met so many like-mined people just happy to meet others in the same situation. As people flung wide their front doors and invited us in with open arms (with a few of those arms holding G&Ts and bottles of Sauvignon Blanc), it was here I realised that university social life is like no other.

House after house, our contact list of potential pre-drinks rose by the dozens; with one girl even knocking on her upstairs window and inviting, to her what could’ve been potentially two maniacs, into her house (although with this one, I would suggest proceeding with caution)!

So it’s here I say forget the taboos and social faux pas of talking to strangers back home, forget the frosty looks a group of Prestige thinking-Starbucking-Instagramming girls would give if you merely smiled at them, and instead go out and meet new people who no doubt would’ve been sitting at home feeling exactly the same as you.

Good luck!



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