Fish, Chips & Frustration

As another food-less fork is drawn towards my Nan’s mouth, a look of embarrassment creeps across her face. Her portion of Fish & Chips went cold 10 minutes ago but, despite picking up and dropping countless forkfuls, an unbreakable pride and reluctance to accept her age won’t see her ask for help. This is a woman who still gets the bus into town on her own, therefore something as ‘easy’ as feeding herself certainly won’t be admitted to be a challenge by my Nan.

As annoyance turns into frustration, she hastily declares she is ‘full up’ despite only eating a third of her food. Protest after protest, there’s nothing more we can say to change her mind and the meal is finally over. As the waiter collects what is nearly an identical plate to the one he delivered, she quickly perks up as the embarrassment of dinner time is now over.

Macula degeneration is an eye condition which causes people to lose their central vision and, as my Nan describes it, “only see a thick fog”. Despite there being no easy cure or pair of specs to solve this, charities such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People, Dorset Blind & Wiltshire Blind Association help those affected alleviate such conditions through the provision of new technologies that make everyday tasks that bit more ‘everyday-er’!

All three are incredible charities for what seems to be an overlooked, yet huge, cause. So if you know someone who is going through something similar to my lovely Nan, give one of these charities a call and see what they can do.







Macula degeneration is a painless eye condition that occurs with age and causes people to lose their central vision, usually in both eyes. Unfortunately, my Nan has had this for 5 years now.

It’s a condition only those who have it can truly empathise with




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