Copy Cabana 2016: from the eyes of the least experienced attendee.

If Stephen Hawking, Michael Jordan, John Lennon and Pele performed at the Student Union as a barbershop quartet, I’d probably declare that room of people the most talented ever. This year’s Copy Cabana event, however, would undoubtedly claim Silver.

In a room bursting with creatives, poets, and advertising’s high-flyers, I excitedly poured the tea like a giddy fan to people I only knew through Twitter, LinkedIn and reputation. God, using a teapot had never been so gratifying! Having the opportunity to meet and hear the poetry of one of ELLE UK’s Inspirational Women Under 30, be in the same room as someone Mr. Ogilvy admired, and listen to the man behind the John Lewis Christmas ads explain the genius behind them, was incredible and something that has certainly put things into perspective after a few unnerving weeks.

Speaker after speaker, handshake after handshake, my ignorance to try new things and go new places fell brick-by-brick. Whether due to the marvellously foul-mouthed Pete Cain or calming words of D&AD’s youngest ever board member, I left the day feeling more motivated than ever to drift from my comfort zone and “just f*cking do it”- as one anonymous speaker declared.

So if any copywriters, young or old, are reading this, I encourage you…no, I implore you, to attend next years Copy Cabana, meet those on the same wavelength, and see the wisdom and talent that’s out there.


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