BA (Hons) Self-Entitlement

What a bunch of entitled brats. They’re drifters. Full of arrogance, selfishness. They think they can coast through life expecting the world to be handed to them, well let me tell you something…

If you’re reading this, you can be forgiven for thinking this article was written by someone from the “Good ol’ days” parade. You know, the type you hear rambling on about how incompetent, lazy, and morally-barren young people are nowadays. The type who trigger the tantrums about the sickening self-entitlement anyone under the age of 23 possesses. Well it wasn’t. It was written by me.

This negative stigma attached to anyone old enough for the Chuckle Brothers but too young for The Clangers has begun to rear its head. Countless times have I seen videos blaming our unrelenting social media addiction for the “I want it now” generation, in which people around my age apparently have no concept of earning something and supposedly feel like they should be CEO come their 21st birthday. Time after time I hear “You know what’s wrong with your generation…” (usually spouting from the mouth of red-faced gentleman on his sixth whisky) followed by a statement on my supposed lack of work ethic.

It’s not just those who’ve finished their working lives however. Again and again rises the notion that people my age have the idea from birth that the world owes them, well… the world. Oh how wrong they are.

You see, I remember this opinion often. I remember it as I enter my 8th hour in the library, on a Sunday, with my group work partner. I remember it as I walk to work in the days I’m not at uni, as I spend my money on bed & breakfasts for yet another unpaid work experience adventure. I would say this argues the point well, but then again, I’m entitled.

We’re all entitled, as we sit there in the silent study, for hours on end, rows upon rows of students desperate to reach that 1st. Staying up late practicing presentation lines, determined to ace that assignment. Raising the first hand at the mildest whiff of a placement. You’re right, we don’t know hard work.


Jack Goss. 20 years old. Entitled.


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